Dearest Friends,

It's February, and I have been posting in Facebook, but not here! I will do better this year!

By the way, if you WERE my Facebook friend, and got unfriended, please come back! It was a glitch....we were trying to move everybody to a page that handled more people. Didn't work! So come back to Karen Berke Taylor-Good (quite a mouthful, no?) and get re-friended, please.

Biggest news.....Stowe and I are a true duet, and I've never been happier, AND I've never written such amazing songs as the ones we're writing together. Everything about our creative partnership has been, and continues to be, a God thing. If you haven't heard us yet, I believe you are in for a big, juicy, wonderful surprise!

We were in Florida for much of January....doing our Thelma & Louise deal. I've never had a close, sister-girlfriend before....and it is truly the most fun! Our husbands even like each other, which is big plus!!

We've started work on our duet CD.....planning on having it done by April 11th, for our Church on the Square gig in the Villages. BUT/AND, you can hear 9 of our songs on Stowe's new CD, "Flying High", which goes with her wonderful book by the same name. Check out People are reporting that the book is life-changing. Hay House is recommending it. It's a powerful, beautiful book....and powerful, beautiful CD!

If you're on my mailing list, I'll be keeping you informed of the duet CD...please sign up if you haven't! are YOU??? Please know that you are loved and me, and most importantly, by your Creator. For a musical reminder....check out

Big hugs.....big love.....great appreciation......




Happy JULY!

I know I was moaning about the heat last month, but come on! It's been 107 and 108 here for several days. And we haven't had rain in weeks and weeks. I happen to believe that Global Warming is quite real, and I must admit, this is very troubling.

So.....I am VERY grateful for air conditioning, and I am praying for, and will do my very best to help our precious planet Earth.

Speaking of which.....please check this out

This is a project I did years ago with my friend Lanny Smith. He cowrote the song, "Come In Planet Earth, Are you Listenint", and we put together the Planet Earth Project.....I ended up singing the song in 7 different languages (with the help of 7 amazing native-speaking translators). It's a trip!

This month, I have the pleasure of rehearsing a lot with my dearest friend Stowe, as we get ready for our big concert on July 28th. It will be an album release celebration for Stowe with me as special guest. World Music in Bellevue, here in Nashville....7pm. PLEASE COME!! 9 of the 12 songs on her CD are cowrites with me, and we'll be singing a lot together. SO FUN!

Wherever you are this month, I hope life is good for you. I'm sending lots of love your way. Thank you so much for stopping by. NEW WEBSITE coming soon!





Hello my friends! 

It's June! It's HOT! I've been all over the place this month, and now am home for a stretch. Aaaaaahhhh.

Practicing with Stowe for our concert in July. It's going to be a CD release concert for her....and a debut of sorts for our duo. I feel like I've found a long-lost sister. We've now written 22 songs....and they are amazing songs. I can't wait until you hear them. 9 of them will be on Stowe's CD, and I'll let you know when it's available.

This has been a month of reconnecting with some of my favorite, powerful, spiritual women......Rev. Heidi Alfrey in KC, and Rev. Joyce Fisher Pierce in Richmond. Wrote my first song with Claudia Carawan while in Richmond....she is also a powerful, spiritual woman!

Am writing more and more Tribute Songs. I feel like that's what I was born to do. I hope you'll consider having me write one for your loved one.....I'm working on one for her husband's upcoming 70th for someone's new love.........and recently finished another one for a child who left us too soon. Life Songs.....Tribute Songs......I feel very connected to angels or guides or the Universe or God when I'm writing them. I don't understand it.....I'm just going with it!

And that's it for now, my precious friends. It means the world to me that you would come by here and read this. I do not take it lightly that you care. Please know that I send you love, and strength, and hugs, and wishes for all good things.

Bye for now...


Hey lovely ones,

It's MAY!! I had a wonderful 8 days in Texas. I love my new family...Dennis & Kaye Persons, and their doggies Katie and Buddy. We had so much fun together! I ate SO much Tex Mex that I'm heading to Weight Watchers today! Must begin again to be accountable for what goes in my mouth. But it sure was fun!

I'll be in Arkansas this month....for my Lions and also for Unity of Little Rock. Am continuing my Prosperity Plus classes....loving Mary Mannin Morrisey more than ever.

Tuesdays with Stowe continue to bring us AMAZING new songs. Yipee! We're planning our "coming out party" as a duo. More on that soon. I plan to learn to play bass. God help me. CAN you teach a MATURE dog new tricks? I did play upright bass in the school orchestra a thousand years ago. I sure hope it's like riding a bicycle!!

So.....I am wishing each of you a very fine May. Be kind to yourself....stay connected to your Source, and to people. Remember that you are a Precious Child of a loving Mother/Father God.

And know that I love and appreciate you....more than I can say.




Hey gang,

Thanks for reading this, and for your support of my work. It means the world to me.

It's April.....I'm in Nashville. Heading for Texas next week.

Have been having an amazing time writing and singing with my friend Stowe. Check her out.....Stowe Dailey Shockey.'ve written almost 20 songs now in the last year....largely based on her incredible book, "Flying High". She is my sister from another mother....truly.

What else? I've been taking a Prosperity class with my friends at Music City Center for Spiritual Living. Back into tithing as a practice. For some reason, I've been fighting that one for years! AND, just as Mary Mannin Morrisey said would happen, the poop has hit the fan! The Universe is throwing all kinds of challenges at me....(like Uncle Sam deciding that we owe him $11,000!!! HELP!!!) And I'm still going to tithe.....because it feels right, and ALL of my Spiritual teachers advise it. So there, Universe!

Rachael Good is a hard-working young woman, doing a great job as Avid Editor and Motion Graphics person at cj advertising in Nashville. I am SO proud of her.

I am still working on fine-tuning my "Tribute Songs"....songs I'm writing especially to honor people....those who have passed on, and those who are still here. I'm trying to make them more affordable. More on that soon.

Still working on REMEMBERING to connect with God every day. Stowe and I start every writing session with a prayer....and it makes SUCH a huge difference.

Am going to go hop on Rachael's eliptical machine now. Her first major purchase sits in our den (and takes up a HUGE's a commercial grade one....taller than I am!) I am one grateful woman today, and hope that you are finding peace, joy and laughter in your world (and connection!)

So much love to you,





I'm in Italy!! It's December 14th...I'm outside of Terni...was invited here to write with my amazing new sister/friend Romina Arena. Please check out her story, AND her voice.

We're writing with this killer team....Francesco and Luca....they have a current #1 song here in Italy. Luca is a poet, and we're having great fun going back and forth between Italian and English...God Bless Romina, the instant translator! Francesco is one of those musical geniuses who creates the track AS you're writing the song with him. Wow.

Dennis is with me....we completed our trip to Puerto Rico, which I am madly in love with. However, now I'm madly in love with Italy, too! Oh Lord, send me some hit songs so I may travel to both places a house in both places?  I'd take that!

So....I'll be celebrating my birthday in ROME, on the 22nd. Happy Birthday to ME!  My precious child Rachael got herself her first real job!! I love my husband and am so proud of us for coming up on 30 years.....and life is pretty freaking GOOD!!

I am grateful for my "team"....Taylor/Sparky, Karen S., Ann P.....for my family, and for my friends and "fans"....we must come up with a better word. I'm grateful for those of you who appreciate my "appreciators".

Much love to all of you, from Umbria....




Hello gang!

It's NOVEMBER! October was a blur!! I sure do love this time of year.

I do have some terrific travel coming up. On Thanksgiving Day, Dennis and leave for Puerto Rico, where we spend two days, then hop on a ship bound for even further south. We spend a week on the cruise, then back to PR for 4 more days. I'll be doing the Sermon In Song at Unity of Caguas, which is 45 minutes south of San Juan, and then traveling to the west coast, where we'll be staying with a new Lion friend in his (reportedly) amazing home on the cliffs above the ocean! Sweet, no?

And THEN, we get home on Dec. 6th, we unpack and REPACK, slightly heavier clothing, and on the 11th, we leave for ITALY! This came about so suddenly...I have no doubt it's a big ole GOD thing.

Check out my new dear friend Romina You won't believe her story. Talk about a survivor! And I adore her...I mean, really adore her. And she feels the same way, AND is in love with a couple of songs I sent her after I read her story. They were written for her, I swear. I'll be doing some writing with Romina and her producers, we'll be camped out in Umbria....Dennis and I will be continuing our 30th Anniversary Celebration there! 8 days in Umbria, then we'll go to Rome for 4 days, and come home on Christmas Eve. I will have stories to tell, I'm sure!

Please know that I am sending you lots and lots of love....and wishes for a peaceful, sweet, stress-free holiday season. I know that some of you are grieving some major losses in your life, and that the holidays can be the toughest time. Be sure to seek out support.....don't hole up all by yourself. Please. Promise? You are in my heart.

So much love,

xxxx Karen

Hi sweet friends,

It's September. I'm so grateful. August was toooooo flipping HOT! OK, I did make the interesting choice to go to ARIZONA in August. WHAT was I thinking?

I did have a wonderful time, although I've never been so hot in my life! First time in Prescott, AZ. (Be careful how you pronounce that! They'e sensitive about it! "PRES-cut" is correct......not "PRES-cot". Who knew?

I'm on my way to Atlanta this weekend. My dear friend Jennifer Farren put together a concert for me....One World Center in Marietta, and then I'll be with Rev. David Ault at the Center for Spiritual Living in downtown Atlanta.

Also rehearsing with the choir at Congregation Micah here in Nashville. My parents are buried right outside in their lovely's a very special place. Happy Holidays to all of my Jewish friends and family.

I've been a bit of a basket case so far this month. Very emotional. I just read that the full moon has a lot to do with it. I mean....I went to get my teeth cleaned today, and ended up in tears! What's THAT all about? (Of course, the fact that an unknown dentist was poking around in my mouth, uninvited...and that he then announced that I should have all 4 of my wisdom teeth REMOVED...that might have been what pushed me over!!)

I'm wishing you calm and peaceful days........and if you've been a basket case too, I'm sending my special love and sympathies. It'll be OK. Really. Man, I need to go listen to my song "It Gets Better"!

Love to you my friends........thanks for stopping by,






It's August guys! What is happening? Life is moving soooooo fast!

I apologize for not writing in here recently. My computer crashed, and it's taken me this long to RE-figure out how to get here!

I just got back from Northern my....what a beautiful place. I was at Asilomar for my first CSL Conference. It was an amazing site, and I was so honored to be on a music team with such talented musicians, singers, and writers. Found out I LIKE being part of a team! Who knew?

Did my Sermon in Song for Unity of Walnut Creek, and the Spiritual Living Center in Sacramento............both very fine places.....and I was very well received! It's probably my favorite thing to do these days.

Am getting ready to start choir rehearsals for the High Holidays at Congregation Micah here in Nashville. It's a very special folks belonged, AND are both buried right there, out the doors, in their lovely cemetery. Needless to say, I love being over there.

Have THREE new songs that are SO new they didn't make it on my brand new, 30-song CD! So I'm going to figure out ways to GIVE them away to you guys. If you're not on my email list, please sign up. Thems are the folk who'll be getting these new songs, and you will LOVE them. Wrote them with my friend Stowe Dailey Shockey....they are funky, rock and roll songs about REALLY important stuff!! "God Shaped Hole"....."Be Yourself".....and "It's Not the End". They will make you dance wildly, and sing along....and feel GREAT....I promise.

I love you sweet people. Thanks for checking in. More soon, now that I know how to get here! Big hugs, and giant smooches.....





Hi my friends,

It's June, it's Nashville, it's HOT! 

My new CD is out. I am very, very proud of it. 30 new songs. 2 different depending on your mood, you play the "Laugh, Sing, Dance" or the "Reflect, Ponder, Contemplate". The song for parents of special needs children is on there...."The Life That's Chosen Me" is "It Gets Better", a powerful song of encouragement...."I Am a Gift" first song written with Karen Drucker, whom I adore.....and many more very special songs. It was truly a labor of love.

I've been visiting my sweet Lion Maryland, Wisconsin, Idaho, Kansas, California, Alabama, Tennessee. Now I'm home for 3 weeks, and am getting geared up for the BIG, International conference in Seattle in July. One of these days, I'll get to hang out with the Lions in Franklin, where I live! Soon.

Next month, I'll be at Unity of my favorite places on the earth. I'm being honored with the "Grace Note" award this year, and it is quite an honor. I'll be meeting and loving on music directors and ministers from Unity churches all over the country.

Rachael Good is graduating from college on June 16th! Halleluja!! I am very, very proud of her. I was watching her do some computer graphic magic yesterday. She's amazing. She has re-edited her documentary, "Marbles", about my Mama and her life with Dementia. Look for it on Youtube. Powerful. If you have any room in your prayers to help me pray that she finds a wonderful job....I thank you....and a wonderful MAN (read....not a BOY) in her life as well. That will be a fine thing, too.

Dennis and I are looking at trips to celebrate our 30th Anniversary in February. I'm leaning towards the Greek Isles in October....just a bit early! If you have any thoughts, please let me know!

I'm wishing you a fabulous summer....filled with sun, water, laughter, joy, music, and a peaceful heart. I appreciate you stopping by.

Big summer smooches....


Dearest Friends,

It's almost SPRING! Can't you feel it in the air? Such a wonderful time or year, and we SO need it, especially this year! My heart goes out to all of you who suffered the worst of the winter storms and floods. May this Spring be a season of warmth, and may your dreams and desires blossom fully!

My new CD is ALMOST out.........I thank each of you who pre-ordered it. I promised it would be out in the Spring, and it will be.....just closer to May than I had thought!

What else can I tell you? I had an amazing reading by a psychic/medium in Pensacola...a friend of Rev. Jamie Sanders from the Unity Church there. Wow. I'm about 60% skeptical, and that was conquered in the first 15 minutes. I have absolutely no doubt that my Mama was in the room with us. Sharon Renae totally blew my mind. Check her out! She does readings by phone, too.

My beautiful daughter Rachael will graduate from the Art Institute here shortly. Halleluja! She's been interning at a very cool place here in town...they do computer a lot of stuff for Sesame Street...tons of talented people. I am praying they offer her a job.

We're gearing up for my performance in Seattle, for 15,000 Lions from all over the world! That's pretty exciting, and challenging....trying to figure out how much product to bring, etc. I'm grateful to have a wonderful team to help me...and am especially grateful to my Lion friends Sharon Sikes, and Karen Sell. Sharon is a project manager. I never knew what that was, or why one would be needed.....until I performed for 3,000 Lions in Milwaukee last Sept, and I LEARNED!! They think differently than us mere mortals! They see the BIG picture, and figure out how to handle stuff before it ever happens. She rocks my world! As does Karen....PR person from heaven. She also thinks way differently than I do......thank goodness! Add my Sparky and my Dennis, and we'll get 'er done!!

I've just been grateful lately...truly grateful....for my gifts, my talents, my friends, my life in general. So....THANK YOU for being in it!

I'm sending SO much love your way,



Dearest friends,

Happy Holidays.

I hope you're making it through this interesting season unscathed! I'm trying to figure out why the idea of taking a cruise from Dec 10th or so through Jan 10th or so is more appealing each year. It has to do with the traffic...the commotion....the expectations....which might lead to much pressure!

Dennis and I thought we had an alternate plan that would work as well as the we announced that we would like to be excused from Christmas Day plans this year.  We found out that the Japanese Buffet up the street was going to be open, only $13.95, and the thought of NOT cooking anything, or cleaning up anything, was SO very appealing! We thought we'd just lay low, have a very peaceful day...(Rachael is going off with boyfriend to his family)....we're having everybody over on New Years Day, we were with everybody on Thanksgiving....we figured it would be no big deal!

Boy, were we wrong! I was absolutely astounded at the upset that we...inadvertently, caused. At the end of the day, like it or not, it seems that with the passing of both my parents, and of our dear "Grampa", my stepson Tim's grandfather....that Dennis and I have become ....dare I say it...the ELDERS of the family. Choke. And how would I have felt had my Mama and Daddy said...."oh, by the way, we don't really want to be with you on this holiday". It would have been devastating!

Plan B!! We are ALL going up to the Japanese Buffet! And then we'll all go from there to Tim & Lisa's (where the Wei Game is!) and we'll play games together...all of TV on...nobody is allowed to turn on their computer....everyone must "join in all the reindeer games".

So what are the lessons here, my precious friends? The Holidays are about FAMILY....about loving and sharing whatever time we have together in this lifetime. And Life is changing, all of the time, and we really need to go with it, and accept our new roles as they come. And there will be no Holiday cruises in my future, as long as my beloved family wants me there.

My final thought...having just watched "The Wizard of Oz" for the 500th time...I do believe that Dorothy summed it all up perfectly.

May your Holidays be filled with Love, Laughter and Light.









Here it is, October is halfway done...and I am behind again! I have so much to report.

I'm in Wisconsin right now....Wausau, actually....although I've recently been in Milwaukee, Eau Claire, Menomonie, Eagle River, and Unity....and tonight will be in Stevens Point. What is it about me and Wisconsin? We have been given the official cheese head hat (a giant wedge of cheese, in case you've missed it!) and we have a hodag in our den (check out Rhinelander, WI for further info). Tonight will finish up my special events for Ministry Home Care Hospice programs...tomorrow I head for Detroit and will be joining my friends for a Posi Concert at Farmington Hills Unity...then we head up to London, Ontario and to Kitchener, Ontario for a couple more concerts.

My biggest news....on September 25th, I was honored to be the closing keynote for some 3,000 Lions from all over the US and Canada, and I have many, many new Lion friends. I have recently become a Lion myself....and must tell you....if you're looking for ways to give be of service to your community and to the world....look no further! Find a Lions club in your area. (If you think it's a social club...wrong! If you think it's all male....wrong! If you think it's for older folks only....wrong!) Just GO and attend a meeting or two. They advise you to shop around and find the "perfect" club for you. The Lions motto is ....."we serve"...and they do it so beautifully. I'm very proud and honored to be a Lion. Come join us. You'll find 1.35 MILLION Lion friends around the 200+ countries! Amazing. And they were recently ranked ABOVE the Red Cross as a service organization. Lions rock!

I'm sending each of you a giant cyber hug....hope you can feel it. Be well. Get you flu shot. Take good care of YOU.

I love you guys....(and gals!)



t's August!

Hi my sweet friends,

HOT, ain't it? I have a feeling we'll ALL be happy when this month is over! I've been doing my best to beat the heat...doing as many water aerobics classes up at the Y as I can. What a great way to get one's exercise...if you haven't tried it, do! You can make it as intense as you want to...or you can just splash around with your pals and have a great time!

Speaking of HOT, I'll be off to El Paso here shortly, city of my birth. I'm doing  programs for the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation, for the Lion's, and for my friends at Unity of Las Cruces, NM. Dennis is coming with me, so it will be much more fun and much easier on me....I like that!

One of my August highlights so far....I've been "coaching" my sweet step-grandson Zach for his upcoming audition for Beauty and the Beast. He auditions next week....keep your fingers crossed!

Another highlight was spending a full day with my precious daughter Rachael recently.....she did video and photography work for me, AND we spent more time together than we have in a long while. It was also the first time that I got a real sense of Rachael as an a real person, not my child. It was completely delightful........AND, wait til you see the pictures she took! The best photo session I've ever had, and oh my, I've had a few! It's pretty exciting when you see your children coming in to their own, isn't it?

Still working with the Busting Loose program, as I mentioned last month. Powerful stuff. I don't know what it is about the way HE says it, compared to all of the self-empowerment stuff I've read over the years.  I just really GET it with him.....feeling very powerful....appreciative...peaceful.

And that's it for now. Thank you SO much for stopping by.  I'm sending you a big cyber hug, AND a big ole sloppy cyber kiss, too. You deserve to be loved on today!



Happy July, dear friends....

Thanks for stopping by here. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. It blows me away, actually!

It's been very hot here in Nashville, but we're now getting some much needed rain and it's cooled off a bit. We all pay MUCH more attention to the "flash flood warnings" these days. I'm so grateful that my home was not affected by our floods here.....and 1/2 mile down the road was under water.

My trips to California and Washington State were wonderful. I got a chance to reconnect with Unity ministers I've known for years, and meet many new ones, as well. I was honored to "open" for Barbara Marx Hubbard. Wow. Please let me be her when I'm 80. I'm reading her book "Conscious Evolution" and it's really amazing, as is she. Check her out if you haven't.

I flew from San Diego up to Seattle on a gorgeous, clear day, and stopped in Oakland on the way.....had a window seat on the left side of the plane...and felt like I was in the middle of a travel show. Wow. I see why people want to live in California, Oregon, and Washington. So beautiful.

I'm mostly home this summer....writing some....working on some new programs. I'm honored to have been asked to give the closing keynote for the Lions Clubs International USA/Canada Forum on Sept. 25th in Milwaukee. I'll get to share the 2 songs I've written (with my dear friend Lisa Aschmann) for the Lions, as well as just loving on them for 45 minutes, and making sure they know how wonderful they are.

Dennis and I are reading a book called "Busting Loose From the Business Game"...a highly spiritual book actually. We're about 1/2 way though, and I'm excited about putting the principles into play. You may want to check it out.

And finally, let's talk about YOU. I hope that you are treating yourself kindly and with great love and respect. I'm sending big cyber hugs your way....hope you can feel them.



Greetings! Happy end of May, and JUNE,

I just got back from  a wonderful trip to Germany, more Radical Forgiveness stuff...I was proud to be a part of 2 presentations at the Rainbow Spirit Festival in Baden Baden. There are lots of sweet, open hearted souls in Germany right now. I was very happy to learn this. If you're in a German speaking country, check out the Tipping Institute.... Hina is an incredible facilitator of this work, and she and her precious husband Thomas really get it.

What else? I don't think I'd recommend traveling to Europe for 6 time, I'll make it MUCH longer! Those flights to and fro are killers!

I'm off to the West Coast next week.......hope to see you in Tustin, San Diego, or the Seattle/Tacoma area.

First Mother's Day without my Mama was strange....I'm so sure she and my Dad are around me all of the time, but I would SO love a great big SIGN to confirm. Know what I mean?

More soon.........probably from the road. My love and thanks to you for stopping by.




Hi gang!

April.........and life is good. I hope yours is, too.

Just got back from a Radical Forgiveness weekend with my dear friends Colin and JoAnn Tipping. If you don't know about Radical Forgiveness, do yourself a GIANT favor and check them out. It's very powerful, amazing stuff, especially if you're stuck in old, emotional crap. This will clear you out FAST. I'm not kidding. I saw people's FACES change...they dropped 20 years from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. It's almost magical. DO IT!! And then thank me for sending you!

What else? I'm off to some Posipalooza concerts in Florida at the end of the month...come see me in Ft. Lauderdale, Vero Beach, or Sebring.

I'm still excited about my new Lions family....hope to meet more and more of you. (Am working on meeting some Lions in Baden Baden, Germany next month! They're everywhere!)

This will be short and sweet....I feel the need to go exercise, and am afraid if I don't just get off my butt, the mood will pass!

Please be well, and thank you, thank you, for caring enough to stop by and read this.

Big love, large cyber hugs,




Dear All,

It's March, 2010. I hope you'll forgive me for not keeping up with this page. I'm going to do better now.

So much has happened. My amazing Mama passed away on January 22nd. She was 94, and yet, it was totally unexpected. Her death came quickly and she went quite peacefully.

MY life is completely different nowadays. I have so much time! I miss my Mama very, very much, AND, I do very much appreciate this new found freedom.

I just got back from 16 days out.....was in Seattle, Tacoma, Phoenix, Tucson, and Grand Junction, CO. So many many amazing people.

I have just discovered the LIONS CLUBS. Where have I been? When you think Lions, what image comes up for you? I'm ashamed to say that what WAS coming up for me was a lot of old men! Well....guess what? Lions Clubs are 40 % WOMEN now! And there are people of ALL ages! And, most importantly, they are the NUMBER ONE service organization in the WORLD. You just wouldn't believe all of the wonderful things they do, for their neighbors, for their communities, and for us all.

I'm so proud to tell you..........I am now a member! Yup! I am a member of the Downtown Tucson Lions Club! And I wrote 2 songs for the Lions and got to share them with people in Washington state and in Arizona. It was great!! Can't wait to see what else I can do for these amazing people who do so much for others.

And now, I must make this short, because I have promised my daughter Rachael that I will help her go and set up so that she can go do her "promotions" job this morning.....she'll be pouring little cups of some brand of orange juice at the local Publix grocery store. She has to wear a hair net. I am so proud of her for working! (I won't be staying for the hair net/sales part....I mean, a mother's love only goes SO far!!)

Thanks for stopping by this page....I WILL keep it up again....and I love and appreciate you.

Big hugs from Nashville, where Spring has Sprung! Woo Hoo!!!



Dearest friends,

How the heck are you? I'm doing writing this up in's November. I'd be repeating myself if I mentioned how FAST I think the world is spinning these days........but I just have to say it. What is going on here?

At any rate, I'm up here doing some Gift of Hospice fundraisers...I'm an honorary "cheesehead" I come up here so often! Then on my way to Toledo for a keynote for the Area Office on Aging, and a Unity of Toledo appearance.

What I've missed telling you about is a great time in Saint Pete, with Russell Brumfield and his Millionaire Mind Shift weekend. Russell is the mastermind behind the I Am Power work....and he's really quite brilliant. Check him out. He has a lot to teach us, and his methods are unique and powerful.

I'm supposed to be going to Ireland next month. I hope it all comes together! I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, I'll write my next posting from there!

My Mama is in her new place, in a dementia care facility in Nashville. It was incredibly difficult....for her & for me, AND, she's already more relaxed than I've seen her in a long time. It's definitely the right place for her, as hard as it was to admit. Her money should hold out for another 2 years, if I manage it correctly. Then.....I'm hoping to have some huge cuts out there by that time!

I've had songs on "hold" for Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and several other folks. None of the holds HELD, but I have faith. My songplugger works hard and is very good at what she does. I promise that you all will be the FIRST to know when I do get a great cut.

And that's about it for my life of late. I hope this finds you well and peaceful and prosperous. Thanks for checking in.....and caring....and please accept some giant cyber hugs from me.

With great love,

xxxx Karen




Holy Cow,

It was brought to my attention that I have been neglecting this page. I apologize. AND, I'd like to ask you to check out my blog at  I think perhaps you'll forgive me.

I promise to do better. Just back from 10 days in Florida, again! First time I've ever been in south Florida in the summer. Oh my. Unbelievably HOT.

And we still had a great time. I did two of my new "Healing Hearts" in Ft.  Myers, and on in Miami...and in between, we went to see our dear friend Margarita in Key West. Did a nighttime swim in the ocean just outside her door....there was a full moon. It was so amazing...there we were, floating on our and Margarita and Tanju, her good friend. Just the three of, let me see. We were alone for about 30 seconds....THEN we were joined by HOARDS of the most aggressive mosquitoes I've ever experienced. They bit my nose, my ears, my cheeks, my neck, my shoulders.  I was swatting left and right, trying to enjoy the ocean and the moon and the palm trees. They hardly lit on Margarita or Tanju....just ME. Tasty me.

And just when they were starting to think I was the biggest WUSS of all time, I started to feel these ELECTRIC SHOCKS on my left arm. Oh my God! "Oh...they're just stinging nettles....we must have passed through their territory"

That was it. Enough. Buh Bye ocean. Buh Bye full moon. Give me swimming pools from now on!!

My daughter Rachael will be 26 this coming week. Hard to believe. We're having a get together and dinner for her at the house. I'm so grateful that she's my child...and that she made it through her "dark days", and that she's in school and doing great.

AND, I'm grateful for you....grateful that you took the time to check in here. I'm sending you my love, my warm wishes for a lovely summer, free from mosquitoes, stinging nettles, and filled with peace and friendship.

Lots of love to you,


Just got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Florida. Ahhhh. It was truly wonderful. My Mom did great. I DID lie for the first week plus a bit, then it got too weird, and I actually told her I was out of town. She was fine.

I am grateful for wonderful friends in my life. We stayed with friend Gail in Miami, and with friend Margarita in Key West. Great friends, great on a lake, the other on the ocean. Life is good.

I ended up co-writing an amazing song in Key West. I'm so happy that I said "YES" to Ms. Dawn Wilder when she asked. It's about a young girl who gets pregnant, has the baby, tries very hard to raise it, then loves it enough to give it up for adoption. It's a beautiful song.

I'm taking Life Mastery with Mary Mannin Morrisey, and loving it. We are the co-creators of our lives. Wow. It's one thing to know that on an intellectual level, and quite another to put into practice! I'm sure I'll be working this programs for the rest of my life.

I am loving you guys and gals. THANK YOU so much for stopping by.

Big cyber hugs to all.





 OH my word!!

Happy FEBRUARY everyone! This is insane. I have only the lamest of excuses....I couldn't get in here due to a technical difficulty....but that's only been for the last 3 weeks or so. For the OTHER month, I can only claim a muddled brain!

It's quite cold here in Nashville...which is why Dennis and I will be heading to Florida in a few weeks! I am concerned about leaving my Mama for that long, AND, I must work, and I must have a life....right? She lives in a lovely assisted living facility....they take good care of's just that she treats me like a 5 year old would treat her Mama....and I'm the see? How scary would it be when you're 5 to have your Mama leave town for several weeks? So...I'll be lying for the first week....saying I'm sick, I'm working....(theraputic lying, it's called) and then eventually I may have to fess up.

Please give generously to the Alzheimer's Association for research. Do you know how many people have this disease? Check this out:

Approximately 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease; by 2050, 11-16 million people are projected to have the disease. One if the most startling statistics is: One in six women of the baby boomer generation, and one in 10 men of this generation, will develop Alzheimer’s in their lifetime.

That's just not right. We have got to do something about this. Actually, if you want to give to someplace amazing, check out Abe's Garden here in Nashville. (

That's it for now. I'm thanking you for stopping by, and sending big cyber hugs your way. Please know that you are loved.





Hi dearest friends,

Thanksgiving is over, winter is coming, we cancelled our trip to Hawaii, and life continues to be interesting!

November has been packed with Hospice Fundraisers, and a first-hand look at caregivers working with perinatal loss. Very special people. Also with Unity friends in Indianapolis and in Charlottesville....also very special people.

I made two new friends, Randy and Cheryl, who have two special needs children. Listening to their story opened me up to receive an amazing song idea from the Universe....I went to my dear friend Lisa Aschmann to finish it, and Randy came to town to produce the recording. It's quite an amazing song and production. My friend Jason Garner did an incredible job programming and playing, and Chris Graffanino played spectacular guitar on it. (OK...and I sang my butt off on it, too!)

I can't wait to share the song with you. We'll be debuting it at an event in AZ in May, but I'll keep you posted on all of the goings on before then.

I'm talking with a publisher in town who may be the answer to my prayers and affirmations about wanting a TEAM to work with....I've been doing my own publishing for 8's very lonely, and very hard to do!

I'll keep you posted on that front, too. Thank you so much for stopping by here. We're working on video blogs that will be FUN and very cool....coming soon to this website. Keep coming back.

I'm sending each one of you a giant hug.....remember to breathe during these Holiday get togethers.....and remember that each one of those annoying, obnoxious relatives is just like YOU, and that we are all children of God, doing the very best we can. Happy Chanukah. Merry Christmas. Joyous Kwanza.



Happy Fall!!

I'm so thrilled that the air is turning crisp and cooler. It's October, and I've been busy singing in the choir for the High Holidays at Congregation Micah here in Nashville. It's such lovely, complicated music, and me being an alto...I get to sing all of the cool harmony parts! The music would be difficult if we were singing in English, only most of the time, it's transliterated Hebrew!  As they say in the old country...."oy vey!"

My September was amazing. The folks I met from Auto Owners were terrific, the CSR's from all over the country were lovely and Unity of Houston Women's group was powerful and amazing...due in large part to Mary Mannin Morrisey, who is possibly my favorite teacher on the planet. Her daughter Jennifer was there too, and she has become a wonderful teacher/healer too with her body  I was astounded at how much good it does my soul to move my body to music. Duh. How could I not know that? Or forget that? Oh's good to remember. We all need to dance.  In private, preferably! I ended up just sobbing sometimes, right before I was laughing and leaping for joy!! Strong stuff.

Have been writing some wonderful songs....several LOVE different for me. angst, no drama or trauma....just sweet sappy love songs....GOOD ones, mind you!  Of course I've also been writing some fun, funny stuff, and some heavy ones here and there.

What else? Rachael has switched her major from audio engineering to film and video. I fully expect her to excel, and make terrific movies, and be able to pay back the student loans which are piling up rapidly....with ME as cosigner!

To that end....I have decided to see if there's a publisher around who is thrilled with my songs and wants to make a lot of money with well as possibly changing some lives. When I find THAT publisher, it will be a great day!  I am very, very good at creating for the business end...not so much.

Off to upstate New York and Canada next. I hope to see some of you up there. I can't thank you enough for stopping by here, and checking in.

Please know that you are loved....and that you are here on this planet to do what YOU came to do....nobody else can do are completely unique in that regard. I'm excited for you.

Much love and many hugs,



Greetings my friends,

I've been unable to get in here to "blog" for several months. I apologize, profusely.

It's nice to be back in action here! It's mid September...and this is one crazy travel month for me.  I've been in Lansing, MI, and in Kansas City, Omaha, and somewhere else that I can't recall.  Jet lag!

I WON!!! Colorblind won a Posi award this week.  I'm excited. I do so love that song, and hope that it continues to get out to the world and be heard.

More soon, I promise. I'm just home from the airport, and it's waaay past my bedtime. I hope that each one of you is happy and healthy, and remembering who you are.....a most precious child of God....deserving of all good things.

Love and kisses,




Hi dear people,, what happend to JUNE? Literally. You might notice that there's a missing month. Yup. There is. And what is my excuse for such negligence? Overloaded brain circuits is the only one I can come up with. I hope you'll forgive me.

So, here we are in JULY, of 2008. My baby will be a quarter of a century old this month. My word. She has her first ever gig "spinning" records today. Drum and bass. If you have no idea what that is, it's ok. I wouldn't, if not for Rachael.

I was in Toledo, OH for the first time last month. What a lovely city, and what amazing people. I did a musical keynote for the Area Office on Aging, and was just blown away by the dedicated, powerful people that I met. There are so many ways to make a difference in this world, and it's exciting to be around people who are doing just that.

Since we spoke last, I was also in Pittsburgh for the first time. Also a lovely city....quite beautiful, actually. Who knew? Three rivers, very green and hilly, and again.....amazing people doing very good work.

My Mom's dementia continues to progress. She caused a little flood in her assisted living apartment this week when she started to fill up her sink to wash out a cup, and then went down to have her hair done. Oops. She'll be 93 next month.

On this 4th day of July as I write to you all, I am grateful to live in this country, and have high hopes that we will come together AS a united nation after the elections this year. I am saddened and troubled by how divisive we've become. We really do have much more in common than not, whoever we're going to vote for.

Dennis and I will be off to Florida for 12 days later this month. If you're in the Jacksonville area, I hope to see you either at Jacksonville Unity, Unity of Gainesville, or on Amelia Island.

Promising to do better keeping in touch here....especially since my guest book seems to be dead at the moment. Feel free to drop me a line at if you can't leave a message in the guest book.

Loving and appreciating you, more than you know.





It's MAY!! We are actually having a Spring here in Nashville. And it's very, very beautiful. There's a mama dove who will not move from her nest in our bradford pear tree, under which I park my car every day. I had some straw type stuff in my outside planters, which I've been watching all the birds in the neighborhood come and get beak-fulls of to build their nests. I'm happy to provide!!

I've been home all of April, which was a good thing. We got Rachael moved into the basement (a nice finished basement with a bathroom and a separate entrance). My Mom has been extremely confused and needy this month, so I've felt like it was perfect that I've been here.  Tho frankly, just between you and me, I'm DYING to get out of town for a moment.  It seems that only when I'm on the road do I allow myself to not worry so much about her. I actually found my notes from my co-dependency week which I did many years ago. I think it's time to restudy all of that material. Holy cow. This is absolutely the most difficult Life-challenge I've had to face yet. Much harder than dealing with my Daddy's death. 

I'm off to Savannah, GA this week to do a program with my friends at the Alzheimer's Assoc. I hope to give AND receive much comfort there. 

I'll also be in Pittsburgh this month, doing a program for nurses....and since caregivers are my absolute HEROES, I'm excited about that. 

Did I tell you that I completed a 13-song CD in SPANISH?? I took some of my favorite songs, and had my amazing friend Walter Suhr translate them into Spanish. He and his lovely partner Susannah came to Nashville and were with me in the studio, to be sure no Gringa-isms crept in. I'm lucky to have a good accent....being born in El Paso and having help from across the border all my life is a blessing.  If you know of some people, organizations, countries, churches, who could use some meaningful, healing songs in Spanish, please write to me and let me know! (

I'm slowly reading Oprah's new pick from Eckert is quite a wonderful book.  I shall now be going back to read his previous book, The Power of Now. (I bought it and kept it by my bed for a year.....what was that about? Did I think the information might seep up though the mattress and into my consciousness as I slept?)  Anyhow....I'm into him now, thank you Oprah, and I recommend both books to you if you haven't checked them out yet.

Big hugs, much love, and many thanks to you all for stopping by here. Drop me a line. Let me know how YOU are this wonderful Spring.




Dear Friends,

I SWEAR I wrote a March letter.....I have absolutely NO idea where it went! Sometimes I find computers quite mystifying!  At any rate.....

HAPPY APRIL!! HAPPY SPRING!  I love Spring....and I'm grateful to live in Nashville, where we actually have four wonderful Seasons!  I had some great trips in March, but do I remember them now? Nope.  I'm sure if I looked in my calendar they would all come back to me....but, let's live in the NOW!

This month I am home a lot, which turned out to be a very good thing. My beautiful daughter Rachael transferred from the Art Institute in Atlanta to the branch in Nashville, and is moving back home for a while. We are all both delighted and worried about this new situation! I remember living on my own, and then moving back home. It's tough. I never thought about how it was on MY parents......and now I know that it was tough on them, too!  The good news is, I adore my child, and hearing her laughter in this house again is a very, very good thing. MY challenge is mostly to realize that she's 24, and a capable young woman, and not slip back into codependent Mommy mode.  That's very tough. I want to FIX her every problem. I want to MAKE her happy all of the time. It's exhausting.....and completely pointless! As I wrote in a song about just this thing...."I'M NOT THAT POWERFUL!"

So....we've completely cleared out the basement, which was quite an undertaking....all of my product, Dennis' office....a make a great space for her, where she can make her music anytime of the night or day, and come and go as she pleases, and have some privacy. The UHaul gets unloaded this very afternoon.....(we've hired some muscle...I'm not THAT crazy!)

My precious stepson Tim stepped in and PAINTED the basement for us! God bless him......and my lovely daughter in law Lisa taught me how to actually USE the Myspace page that Rachael had set up for me. I feel that I've traveled MANY light years into the new century these past few days.

My Mama's brain connections continue to at a time.  It's sometimes frustrating, sometimes painful.....and I still choose to believe that it's perfect, and that she's just "letting go". We still have an amazing connection, and still have some fun, sweet times together.

I hope that life finds you well.........that you're able to enjoy a beautiful Spring this year. Remember that you are not alone.....that you can't do everything by yourself, and that it's important to ASK for HELP! I wrote a cool chorus recently and shared it with many writers at the Harmonizing with Humanity event in Phoenix (oh yes....THAT'S where I was in March!) goes like this:

I don't have to do everything by myself

And a gift that is given is sacred

So please help me learn how to ASK for help

And then help me learn how to TAKE it.

My love to all of you......thanks for checking in,







Happy February All!

I'm just back from my first ever trip to Palm Springs, CA. Wow. What a gorgeous place. It's like my El Paso mountains x 100!! More of them, taller, some with snow on top....but still brown and rugged, and just amazing. AND, this was also my first ever time with the Girl Scout folks. Again, wow. What a powerful and special group of women (and an occasional terrific man!). I was so honored to be able to share some songs and thoughts, and to bestow some  well-deserved pats on the back for the work that they do. I often wonder how very different my Rachael's life would have been had she not quit her Girl Scout troop. 

Ah well....all I can say is, if you have a daughter, OR a granddaughter, do everything you can to get them involved in Girl Scouts. What an empowering organization it is.........and Lord knows, girls growing up in this day and age need a lot of empowering, and great role models. Go Girl Scouts!!!

Oh....and Happy Valentine's Day! This Valentine's Day also marks mine and Dennis' 26th wedding anniversary! Halleluja. I'm grateful for every day of those 26 years....even the ones when I wanted to kill him! It's amazing how much garbage two people can dish out to each other, and still get through it, and still love and respect each other.

I'm heading to Springfield, IL this weekend....(15th-18th)....mostly to work on a book project with my co-author, but also to share with Unity of Springfield. And all of this on President's Day weekend! Thank you rock!

I continue to find tremendous help and healing in the "Ask and It Is Given" book, and the CDs from their workshops. Very powerful stuff, which I recommend highly. My meditation space is back up and running, I keep the fountain plugged in and the waters flowing in there. I can't recommend that enough......if you don't have a quiet space for yourself, where you can go and talk to God (or your Higher Power, or Fred, or whoever you talk to....and LISTEN to).....please make one for yourself. My life is so, so much better when I take advantage of that.

That's about it for now. Thank you so much for your guest book entries...for your emails, and your purchases of my music and books. I am very grateful for you, and I'm sending you each a big cyber hug, right now!

Have a great month......much love,




Dear Friends,

I'm late again! What is up with me? At any rate....Happy New Year!!! May 2008 be the best, healthiest, happiest, most prosperous year ever, for us all!  

Just back from 2 lovely weeks in Florida. We were in St. Pete, Bradenton Beach, Miami, and Key West. It was all quite heavenly, actually. Great people, wonderful presentation, lots of hugs and two-way appreciation. Our return  was very shocking to my system however......Sat. it was at least 85 in Key West, and Sunday night when we got home to Nashville, it was 11 degrees!! Good grief!

Oh well, my dearest step-son Tim picked us up, had the car all pre-warmed (his car has BUTT warmers, too!) and he and Dennis carried all the luggage into the house (as I sang a chorus of "I enjoy being a girl!") And I do! Thanks to men everywhere, who so kindly and gallantly do the shlepping. We love you for it!

So....what else is new? I'm off to Palm Springs, CA in Feb. to do a presentation for 300 Girl Scout directors. I'm excited about that. Hoping to do some work on our house here during the rest of January. We're thinking about hardwood floors instead of carpeting. We both seem to be getting more allergic the older we get!

I've got my meditation space going again......I so recommend that to all of us. It's so important to get away from the world, the noise, the TV, mothers and husbands and children, and just be with ourselves, and our Creator.  Just imagine this amazing stream of creativity, of understanding, of peace, and of answers to all of Life's big questions......and it's broadcasting all of the time....24/7. Our only job to get quiet enough to tune in! How easy is that?

I'm going to end this now, and go do just what I'm suggesting! I'm sending big hugs to each of you, and lots of love. Thank you so much for taking your precious time to come by here. 

Happy, happy New Year. 





Dear Friends,

Holy Cow!  What has happened to November? Have I mentioned my theory that the world is somehow actually spinning a LOT faster than it used to, and that's why life seems to be going by sooooo fast??? I'm only halfway kidding. How would we know? Any science brains out there, write me a note!

At any rate, here we are, it's already the end of November, so this will be my Nov/December letter to you all!  I spent a large part of Oct and Nov. on the road. It was really good, if exhausting. I started out by myself in Colorado. Visited my dear friends JD Martin and Jan Garrett, got to stay with them and write with them in their lovely home near Aspen. Shared a Sermon In Song at my good friend Rev. Sue Ellen Kelly's church in Denver, then did a Wednesday night at Mile Hi. Both of those were lovely. The music team at Mile Hi just rocks, and I adore them. I also did a Sermon In Song at Unity of the Mountains, near Vail, and that was also wonderful. 

In Boulder, I visited my cousin Morris and his lovely family, stayed a night with them, and went hiking with Morris and his doggie one morning, up in the foothills. Gorgeous. Then my friend Liz and I presented a "breakout session" on our Gift of Hospice fundraising program at the National Association of Home Care and Hospice in Denver. We stayed at a VERY cool hotel in Denver, close to the convention center. The name escapes me right now, but write to me if you need to know. Each floor has a different theme, they have room service items and packages for your was just way cool.

Then, I shared a powerful weekend with some amazing women from Atlanta Unity North at their women's retreat. Wow. It was quite something. I did a keynote presentation, and then an hour and half workshop, using my songs of course. These women were brave and had the biggest, most wide-open hearts I've ever run across. It was terrific.

Let's see....I was home for one night, picked up Dennis, and we left for Chicago, then Kansas City, where I participated in a Speaker's Showcase for Five Star Speaker's Bureau. That was really cool, too. There are some very talented speakers out there in the world.....ok, and a few rather dry and boring ones too.....but all in all, I was blown away. I realize that my keynotes are not for everyone.....sometimes the addition of music sort of freaks people out...especially those business settings where they're used to rather dry and boring speakers!  But I've gotten a few nibbles already....most probably from the healthcare fields and women's groups, where I seem to fit in the best.

THEN, we were off to Nebraska, where we met up with our lovely friend Jennifer from the Nebraska Hospice Assoc., and we began our week long trek across Nebraska, doing the Gift of Hospice fundraisers, and a couple of other programs along the way. I love Nebraska! Good people there. (Seems that there are good people everywhere....ain't that grand?)

I caught some nasty bug along the way, towards the end, but made it through every gig, then gave my bug to Dennis, who has since given it back to me. We are such a sharing and giving couple!

My Mama is a mess still....more so.....and yet she is still, very often, my funny, charming Mama. My daughter Rachael was home for several days. She's gorgeous, loving the Art Institute in Atlanta, and wanting to stay there. I am praying for more hit songs and more keynotes and church gigs to be able to help her do just that!!!

And to you, my precious friends............I am wishing the JOYS of the season, and none of the CRAP. Please take care of yourselves....physically, and emotionally.....and spiritually. (I keep forgetting that last one, and I get in big trouble every time!)

Big Holiday hugs and kisses......please keep in touch.




I apologize, profusely, for not writing this September entry until today, Sept 27th.  I had some technical difficulties with my website, and they were just resolved. Therefore, I think I'll make this my September/October entry!

I've been traveling a good bit. Just got back from Unity Village, where the New Thought Music Awards were held. It was great to hang out with my peers and friends. They are quite amazing. If you have all of MY music, and are looking for other meaningful, great stuff, check out these people: JD Martin, Peter Mayer, Greg Tamblyn, David Roth, Greg Greenway, Tom Kimmel, Jana Stanfield, Faith Rivera, Jan Garret.....for starters! Google them, or write to me if you can't find them.

Then we were up in Wisconsin, which is becoming like my second home. It was beautiful up there.....very fall-like, which was a JOY after such a hot August in Nashville!

I'm off to Colorado here in a few days. I'll be doing this trip on my own....Dennis has his own golfing adventure planned. It's so much easier on me when he's traveling with me....but then again, I do feel more like an adventurer when I'm solo. I may even try a GPS system for the first time. Lord help me figure it out!!

Life is good here.  Rachael is making her own life in Atlanta, and spending some time in North Carolina with friends. ??? I haven't been made privy to that info yet.  My Mom is a mess. She has made up a terrible, not true story about her caregiver, who is my life saver....and never wants to see her again.  For some reason, she forgets everything else, but she's not forgetting this. I'm scrambling around trying to find other helpers, for I am out of town a lot these next few months. 

THE NEW SONGBOOK is completed! It's really lovely.....please check it out if you're looking for good music to play and sing yourself.

That's it for now. I send my love to each of you. Get your flu shot (if you believe in them), eat your chicken soup (unless you're a vegan) and be good to yourself. You are in my thoughts.




Hey everybody,

It's August!  I don't know what it's like where you are, but here in Nashville, it is HOT. I mean, really HOT. And did I mention, it's HOT??? I can't remember ever having this many 100+ degree days here. And, it's not like El Paso where I grew up. We had lots of 100 degree days there.....but there was no humidity.'s hard to breathe!! Oh whine, whine, moan, complain.....OK, I feel better now. Thanks for listening.

So.....what else? I took my precious 91 year old Mama up to Detroit for a family reunion. God Bless my husband Dennis for coming with, or I couldn't have handled it. The great news is, she was a star.....the honored elder....and she was loved on so much. We have a very wonderful, affectionate family. For a week afterwards, that's all she could talk about....however, our two day trip to Detroit became a week long trip to Canada? in her mind.....and now....three weeks later, she does NOT remember going, and got really scared and freaked out when I assured her that she had. 

I'm finally taking my own advice, that I've been dispensing to others for several years, and going to an Alzheimer's/dementia support group. I just need help knowing how to do this better.

My travel schedule is about to pick up again.....I'm actually looking forward to it quite a bit. I mean....what's not to love? I get to share my music with amazing people, get to travel to different spots and see new things, I get paid to do this....AND my Mama can't grasp that a CELL PHONE comes with me when I leave town, so I get a respite from the constant phone calls. (Bet you can tell that I need to find a support group, eh? This is really hard stuff to deal with. )

Rachael is doing well in Atlanta. I miss her terribly......have not touched her room....we just keep the door shut. I guess some day I might do something with the space!

LOTS of new songs. Please be on the lookout for a new CD. I'm going to do one as a "pre-release" without all of the expensive paper stuff....and it will cost less. I can't wait til you hear them!

Did you receive my email blast about the Radical Empowerment Cruise? Come cruising with me and Dennis and the amazing Colin Tipping, creator of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Empowerment. He's one of my favorite teachers....his work is powerful, and last year's cruise was fantastic. The cruise is in February.....the Mexican Riviera. Go visit Colin's website to learn more: He'll even help you manifest the money to come! Tell them I sent you, then join us for a beautiful, transformational week.

And that's about it for my life. For now. It's too hot to write more. (whine, whine) I love you dear friends.....thank you for stopping by.

Big HOT kisses and hugs........



Hi Folks,

Happy July! Things are interesting here in the Good household. Rachael has moved out, for real....this is the first time she ever took her bed with, so it certainly feels final. She's starting school in Atlanta this month. I am happy for her.....she'll be 24 on the 22nd of this month, so I know she needs her own life. It sure does feel strange to look into her room tho. Isn't being a parent a weird thing? This is why we raise they can leave! I might have preferred the old days, when everybody hung around the farm....maybe built separate houses on the property?

At any rate.....what else is new? I've been writing a lot, and some really amazing songs. I'm grateful for my wonderful co-writers, and to God for allowing me to receive these songs. I can't wait to share them with you.

My husband Dennis, my love, will be SIXTY FIVE next month. Good grief! How did that happen? He thanks those of you who will be paying for his retirement! My Mama is hanging in there. Her broken foot has healed, and I am again amazed at the human body. Even 91 year old bones can heal! Great work, oh Creator. You rock!

I've been feeling the presence of my Daddy more lately. (He made his transition in 2005). He sends me money on my morning walks. I walk the same route, and there is always money there for me. This morning was a 27 cent morning! 

I continue to be blessed by my stepson Tim and my daughter-in- law Lisa.........and my family of friends.....Merri, Sparky, Ta......I just don't know what I'd do without them.

And I am blessed by have no idea what it means to me that you are taking your valuable time to read this, and to listen to my music. I am sending each of you a great big cyber hug. Be well. Be gentle with yourselves. Laugh often. Sleep soundly. 

I love you,




Dear Friends,

Happy June! I just returned from yet another Pozipaloosa tour...these were in Florida, and they were wonderful. The next batch I get to participate in are in North Carolina and Virginia. Please check my schedule, AND check this website for details:

While I'm on a roll here, I want to also turn you on to   That's my friend Colin Tipping's website. We are doing another Radical Forgiveness/Radical Empowerment CRUISE in Feb. Please come. We had an amazing time last year. Colin's work is so powerful, and the combination of his work and my music is quite something.

What else can I share with you? I've been writing a good bit.....songs, AND I'm working on a book with my dear friend Liz Sheahan. We got together in the Wisconsin Dells a few weekends ago, and wrote and brainstormed and wrote some more. We also had an amazing time playing! We ended up in a local restaurant/bar for dinner one night, and were there as they began.....yes...their karaoke set!  Well....Liz said she'd give me a dollar if I would sing "How Can I Help You Say Goodbye", which I wrote of course. I had a few more sips of my drink, and I did it!! Too much fun. Of course, Liz was telling the waitresses that I wrote it....and I'm pretty sure nobody believed her, but they did think I sang it quite well!!

I haven't been meditating lately....and it shows. I am promising myself here and now, publicly, that I will clean out my sweet meditation space down in the basement, and begin again. It's so important, and yet I allow myself to get out of the habit. Ah well.....shall not beat myself up!

And I hope that you are not beating yourself up.....and I hope that you are giving yourself some meditation/quiet/prayer time. I really believe that God sends us messages during those times........and we just won't get them if we don't allow that space and time and SILENCE. 

I love you.....thank you for caring enough to come and check this page out. Be well..........take good care of yourselves.....remember that your picture is up on God's Refrigerator!











It's MAY, it's MAY.....the lusty month of May!! .....Sorry....I slipped into one of my favorite movies of all time........Camelot!! Don't know that I'm feeling the "lusty" part, truthfully! But May it is, and summer is a comin'.

I just did a Pozipaloosa up in Kansas City and Wichita. Met a new friend...the amazingly talented Peter Mayer. He and my good buddy David Roth and I were "in the round". I highly recommend these Pozi shows (positive music) if there is ever one in your area....check it out! Some great songwriters, musicians, and beautiful hearts.

My mama broke her poor little foot. We had a few very bad days....pain killers and dementia are not a pretty combination. I'm grateful that she didn't break a hip. She's getting used to wearing the big, cumbersome "boot", and using the walker. (I had wondered why I wouldn't give away my daddy's walker!) I'm also very grateful to the kind, patient people who work at her assisted living facility. It takes a very special kind of person to work with all of those beautiful/demanding/interesting old folks!! God bless them.

Happy Mother's Day to all who fit the category. I'm looking forward to honoring MY Mama, and to being honored myself, frankly! Being a mother is a tough gig. When your world is falling apart and you need someone to blame....yup! It's all HER fault! I've done it to my own sweet Mama, and I've had it done to me. Ouch. Oowie. Hurts. Wonder why we do that?

May your Mother's Day be joyous. If your mother is gone, if she wasn't a great mom........may you forgive her. If she's still here, my wish for you is that you know that she did her best, and may you forgive her. And if YOU are a Mother, please know that you have done your best, and may you forgive yourself.

Have a wonderful May, my dear friends. May we all find a bit of the "lustiness" therein!!

I love and appreciate you so much,








Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Happy April!

Hi dear friends,

Is Spring a wonderful time, or what? I truly love it. I've been hearing, from Esther Hicks and Abraham, about how being in a state of GRATITUDE is the closest we come, ever, to being in our natural state.....and how when we ARE in that state, we are wide open to receive all of the gifts the Universe has lined up for that we may be holding away from ourselves by unconscious negativity.  I get that today. I am all alone in my sweet house, just being overcome by a sense of well-being and gratitude.

I wish I could bottle this feeling, right now, so I could recapture it when I am in the dumps.....which happens WAY too often. So I'm trying to analyze WHY I'm feeling this way. OK.....I did go to a high energy water aerobics class this morning. That must have something to do with it. AND, I came home and ate really well (fresh steamed veggies, fresh fruit), and in alignment with what I have promised myself I'd eat in order to lose those nasty 10 pounds that crept up on me this winter. So...........All of that makes sense. Exercise my body....check! Eat good natural, healthy stuff. Check! KEEP MY WORD, to myself especially. Check!  Hot dog! I might be on to something here!

Those of you who have signed my guestbook lately.......bless you. Your entries always lift me up, and encourage me to keep on doing what I'm doing.

By the way, it just occurred to me that since my favorite book these days is called "Ask and it is Given", that I should actually share what's up in my life, and possibly even..........uh................duh............ASK!!  I'm raising money to start Song Guru Enterprises. I'll have over 400 songs in the publishing company, my CDs and books will be in there, as well as some exciting new projects. I plan on making my investors a LOT of money, while we change the world, one song at a time!

So........if you're interested, please send an e-mail to my dear husband Dennis, who is captaining the investment piece.  

I send you SO much love, sweet friends. Thank you, thank you, for appreciating my music. I don't know what I'd do without you. May this Spring season be one of renewal for your spirit and your soul.

I love you,




Hi my dear friends,  

Happy March to you! I had a totally wonderful beginning to this month. Dennis and I were in Key West, staying with our lovely friend Margarita. She lives right on the water, in a very peaceful spot 15 miles up from the town. I got to commune with nature in a BIG way. I saw more pelicans on this trip than I ever have.....and up quite close and personal! (I have a major thing about pelicans!) Our friend Pedro introduced us to the giant Tarpons (big fish, if you're like me and didn't have a clue) that live right outside his back door in the canal. He feeds them and they go crazy! There were many Ibises (lovely white big birds with long curved thin beaks) who would line up on the telephone wires....and seagulls, and doves and heron.  We ate fresh fish that Margarita had just caught, and lobsters that she caught and froze last lobster season. Oh yum. And Paco the Parrot invited me, for the first time in 5 years, to pet his head! (This invitation came immediately after he bit me. I love you Paco, but you might be just a touch bi-polar!)

So....I am refreshed and renewed, and ready for Spring! I'm grateful that Mercury is not longer retrograde, too. That is ONE aspect of Astrology that I'm quite sure is for real. Communication becomes very difficult, nobody calls you back, deals get stuck on's frustrating! AND, that's over for now, thank goodness. I'm already seeing things begin to flow again, and I'm grateful.

I'm actually grateful for LOTS of things in my life. I find that making a (mental or written) gratitude list is a surefire way of getting out of a funk...which I find myself in quite a bit, I'm afraid. So.....I'm grateful for my talents, for my husband, for my child, for my Mama, for my family and my friends....and for YOU, for taking your valuable time to visit me here.

Please accept a great big cyber hug from me. Be well. Be happy. Be GRATEFUL.  I love you.



Dearest Friends,

February, 2007.......and life continues to SPEED by. Does it still go by slowly when you're young? Or has it sped up for everyone? Feel free to comment in the guestbook if you have any insights there, please!

My precious stepson Tim lost his Mama this morning. I would appreciate your prayers and thoughts for him......Tim Good. He is such a fine man. He brought his mom, Judy, and his grampa John to live with him here in Nashville about a year ago. Judy had early onset Alzheimers. She was only 63. Grampa is 97. Tim and his amazing wife, my dear daughter in law Lisa, have been caring for the two of them. I have learned so much from watching them. It's pretty wonderful to SEE unconditional love in action.

So.............about this strange, challenging and wondrous thing we call's pretty intense, isn't it? I'm sure it's supposed to be, all part of the Plan, etc.......AND, it can be quite a ride.

My wish for you this month is that you enjoy this ride called Life.....that you find friends, loved ones, pets, to be with and to share your joys and sorrows. I find myself very, very grateful today for all of those souls who are sharing MY journey. 

Thank you for being among them. Be well. Sleep. Breathe. Laugh. 

I love you....................




January, 2007

A brand new year. Wow. My wish for you.........may your 2007 be filled with new adventures, lots of self-love and appreciation, lots of gratitude, much forgiveness for yourself and others, prosperity, a peaceful mind and heart, and excellent health.

Actually, that list pretty much covers MY wishes for 2007, too! Big news coming........Dennis and I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary on Feb. 14th. We're still trying to come up with come special way to mark that day.

I was named "New Artist of the Year" in the UK........I had three #1 singles on their New Christian Music charts.......which is pretty wonderfully weird if you think about it!

I am now officially The Song goodness, the US Patent and Trademark office does NOT make the process easy. You REALLY gotta want it! I also have secured, and Song Guru Music Publishing. I'm working on the Song Guru radio show........what's next? Song Guru soap? Song Guru cereal? 

I've been song writing quite a bit here lately, which brings me great joy. I've gotten so busy traveling in the last few years, I wasn't doing much writing. What else can I tell you? My mama is doing ok.....cannot remember anything, but other than that and her eyesight, she's hanging in. Rachael is having some struggles. It's strange how much we can hurt when our children hurt, isn't it? It doesn't do them a bit of good, either. I trust that she will find her way. She is an amazing, precious child.

And how are YOU, dear friend? Let me know. Drop me a line. I do read my guestbook entries every few days. I'm going to learn to blog here soon.

I love you. Thank you for caring. Be well, and treat yourself gently. Happy New Year!!!




Happy, happy December to you. May your days be merry and, wait, that's already been done. So hard to be original these days! How's this......may you remain calm and peaceful and find joy in friends and family in the midst of the insanity that is the holiday season??? I like that. Dennis and have threatened many times to go on a cruise for three weeks and skip the whole thing! Someday, I suppose we will, but that day is not yet here, so for now, I will do my best to remain calm and peaceful and find joy in family and friends, ....etc, etc.

Just got back from a great trip to New York City. I took my daughter Rachael with was her first Big Apple experience. What fun to see the city through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time! We stayed with my precious cousin Alan, who lives in lower Manhattan, which was wonderful. We saw Wicked on Broadway. Oh my. How amazing it is!! Just absolutely brilliant, that's all I can say. I wish I had written it, and it inspires me to work on a musical before I die. 

Rachael and I had our challenges, as I did those maaaaaaaaaaaaany years ago when I was first "individuating" from my parents, and found myself in their company. It's tricky stuff, and we worked through it quite admirably, I thought. She was delightful company, and she braved family dinners and my SESAC writer's night performance, and a trip to a live radio show for an interview at 1am!! (We went in our P.J.s and bedroom slippers. Rachael's idea, and a great one!)j

This month is all about getting our business plan together. FYI, I am taking the publishing bull by the horns and raising money to start a kick-butt music publishing company. I have 400+ songs which have never been heard. They are like these precious golden eggs that I labored over and laid, but never got around to hatching them and allowing them to LIVE! I'm looking forward to continuing to put out powerful music that allows people to feel and heal and laugh and cry............and looking for bigger and better ways to get it out to the world! 

Also, I'll be working with my dear friend Colin Tipping, and we'll be putting together some audio/video clips....Colin's work is so powerful, and the way he uses my music to enhance his work is quite brilliant. So, Mr. Radical Forgiveness and the Song Guru will be going on the road.....the cyberspace road!

Be well my dear friends. PLEASE remember to take some quiet time for yourselves during this crazy season. Remember to put YOUR oxygen masks on first. Remember to nap when you need to.....and it's perfectly alright to disappear into your own space in the midst of large family gatherings! I do it all the time, and people rarely notice!

Merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah. Joyous Kwanzaa! Ho Ho Ho.

I love you, and appreciate you..............



Dearest Friends,

It's already mid-November, and I apologize for just now getting to this. I have been on the road since Oct. 31st. I've had some wonderful travels. Went from Nashville to Wisconsin to Florida to Nebraska. I'm home for one day and off to Florida again. Then I'll be home until the week after Thanksgiving. I'll be in New York City, performing, doing a radio show, and my precious daughter will be traveling with me! I am really excited about that. I don't think that Rachael and I have ever done a road trip, just the two of us. 

This will be a short message, and I promise to do better and be more prompt in my December greetings. I have to go unpack so I can pack again!

I have been doing lots of Hospice Fundraisers, and meeting some of the most amazing people along the way. I'm so proud to be associated with Hospice. If you DON'T know much about Hospice, please do some research. It's a great place to donate your resources and your time, AND, it's so comforting to know that when you or your loved ones are ready to leave this life, you will NOT have to do it alone. They are truly angels.

That's it for now. Please have a fine Thanksgiving. I am giving thanks for YOU, caring enough to be in my life. That's pretty wonderful. 

Thank you. Breathe. Take care of YOU.........don't get overwhelmed with Holiday stuff. You are in my thoughts.

Love and hugs,



Hello my dear Friends,

How can it possibly be mid October already? I swear the earth is spinning faster and faster every year. It could be, no? Oh well. Please forgive my lateness in writing this.

Happy October!! Hope you have fun plans for Halloween. I'll be in Wisconsin.....and I'll have be wearing the Goofy & Minnie hats I just bought at Disneyland!! I must say.....I had the best time there. My dear friend Ta and I spent two whole days just playing and being silly. It was amazing, and fun, and we managed to walk off ALL of the junk that we ate! Gotta eat junk at Disneyland! Anyhow....."it's a small world after's a small world after la la la............" Hope I gave you an earworm too, since I've had one ever since that ride! We did Space Mountain by accident. Oh my. Never would have ridden it had we known what it was!!! Spent a day at California Adventure, too, which is the newer park right next to Disneyland in CA. Some terrific rides there. 

I am reminded of how important it is to PLAY sometimes. Please remember that, and take time for yourself. It renewed my outlook, my spirit, my whole body. Yipeee!  

Things are good here. I had a wonderful time with my sisters in ABWA out in Anaheim. What a great bunch of women. Then had a great time in Salt Lake City at the Hospice Conference there. I love my Hospice family and those Utah mountains are amazing! 

My next adventure will be the Radical Forgiveness Cruise. I'm so looking forward to that. Being around Colin Tiping and weaving my music in around his work is just the best. Very good for my soul. 

And so.....until we next speak..........remember to PLAY. And breathe. And give yourself credit for making it this far on this life journey.

I love you,


Dearest Friends,


I am completely thrilled that there is a hint of Fall in the air. Enough of this hot summer already!!

I just got back from my first visit to Amelia Island, FL. What a special place. What special people. Thanks to my friends Mark and Donna for arranging these expanded "house concerts". If you would like to offer your community a special night of music, let's tawk!!

My precious Rachael has moved to Huntsville, AL for now. I miss her energy in the house (OK, it's also quite a bit calmer, but I DO miss her a lot!) My Mom is hanging in......short term memory gets shorter each day. She still knows my phone number tho! Calls me a lot, and that's OK. I'm honored to be her go-to person. (Alright, some days after phone call number 15, I might get a bit exasperated, but I do so adore her.)

Please note..... THE RADICAL FORGIVENESS CRUISE. October 22-29.  I'll be there, providing music for my friend and amazing healer and teacher Colin Tipping. His Radical Forgiveness work is powerful stuff. It has helped me immensely, and he uses my music in such beautiful ways. Dennis and I will be there. Hope you will be too. Check out

What else can I share? "On Angel's Wings", the single, is out to radio.  If you have any room in your prayer lists, would you please put that song in there? It needs to get past the "gate keepers" and just be heard, and then all will be taken care of. AND, if you do hear it on your favorite radio station, please call them and tell them how much you appreciate them for playing it!

As always, I appreciate you checking in here. I LOVE your guest book entries...can't tell you how many times they pull me up and keep me going. Let me know what's going on with you. Be you know how adored you are???

So much love to you,